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tyrascottLos Angeles - TS Starlets Tiffany Starr, Tyra Scott [pictured] and Kelli Lox have shared their stories on

According to their website, “Sex is Back is a sex-positive storytelling campaign gathering video testimonials from people of all genders, orientations and walks of life.” The site also features stars such as Nina Hartley and Courtney Trouble speaking about issues ranging from stereotypes to masturbation.

Starr, Scott and Lox already have some of the most viewed clips on the site, and they hope that their interviews will provoke discussions about healthy sexuality.

Transsexual performers have continued to gain acceptance and presence in the mainstream adult industry. We hope that these performers’ presence on Sex is Back, a mainstream education site, will help the men, women and couples who appreciate models such as Kelli Lox, Tiffany Starr and Tyra Scott to be more open and proud.

Tiffany Starr was enthusiastic about the opportunity to share her story:

“I hope that people who watch my clips get more of an insight into me as a person and not just a porn star.”

Sex is Back was created by The Pleasure Chest, an education-focused adult store that offers free workshops at their Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York locations. Make sure to check out, watch the clips, and feel free to comment.

For Interviews and Questions check out, also follow these ladies on twitter @kellilox @tstyrascott and @tstiffanystarrxxx.

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Cravings on Sex is Back

december 12, 2013


by Jennifer in 

“Hi. My name is _______, and I have sex.”

So begins each of the videos in Sex is Back, the fabulous collection of sex positive, first-person testimonials published by The Pleasure Chest, the oldest operating adult store in the U.S. and one of the first to pioneer a “shame-free” environment.

Inspiration for the series came from decades of hearing store visitors share feelings and experiences they weren’t sharing with anyone else. In the words of the Pleasure Chest team, “…as scary and taboo as sex can be, our sexuality is at the core of who we are. All of us are inundated daily with images and messaging from mainstream media that narrowly define sexuality. Our years of experience have taught us that healthy sexuality takes on many forms and this is why we created Sex Is Back.”

Dubbed “unembellished stories from across the sexual spectrum,” the videos are short bites from real people, each one on a single topic and many as short as one minute. Alternately funny, moving, entertaining, and informative, all are engaging–and if you watch enough, you’re likely to see some that surprise you…and some that feel incredibly familiar.

While the videos are not visually explicit, some of the topics are, so you may want to grab your headphones before pressing “play.” Then sit back and enjoy the glimpse “into the minds and bedrooms of others.”

Thank you to the Pleasure Chest and everyone on camera for inviting us in.

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Let the Pleasure Chest team tell you about the series’ making

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Credit / Source: The Pleasure Chest

Our Interview with


Sex is Back

By  on December 3, 2013

pleasure chest

Ever since the Pleasure Chest opened its doors in 1971, people have been shopping for sex toys and sharing their sex lives with the shame-free adult store. Now, the Pleasure Chest has launched Sex is Back, their website devoted to sharing “unembellished stories from across the sexual spectrum.” We sat down with Kristen Tribby, Director of Creative Development and Strategy, to talk about bringing sex back.

What does it mean sex is back? Where did it go?

Sex didn’t go anywhere, but it is coming out of the closet. We are seeing an openness in our society with sexuality: from marriage equality to 50 Shades of Grey, there’s a lot more being discussed in public forums than there used to be. We think that’s great, but still, a lot of what’s said about sex and sexuality is sensationalized, politicized, or generalized. With this project, we wanted to bring unembellished stories of people’s actual sex lives into the conversation.

On the site Sex is Back, you ask people to fill in the blank, in the sentence Sex is ____, is there a most common answer? 

The search functionality on our website is designed to get people thinking about what sex is. Sex is kinky, sex is liberating, sex is challenging, sex is fucking funny. Sex is a lot of things to a lot of people, and every definition is a valid one.

Kristen, you bring up capturing real sexuality. What is real sexuality?

Every day, through popular media and even mainstream porn, we are bombarded with a stereotype of what sex looks like. Anything beyond that definition is either not represented, vilified or made fun of. Real sexuality is best told through the first person and is best defined by the individual.

How does mass media and culture define sexuality, and what’s right, or wrong, with that?

Mass media’s version of who is sexual is one specific type of person: young, beautiful, straight, heteronormative, able bodied, thin, white, cisgender. Having just one image of who gets to have sex, or be seen as sexy, sets everyone up for failure.

What makes the Pleasure Chest different than other sex stores?

We have the most diverse customer base and product selection in our industry. We’re actually the oldest sex toy store in the country, and we were the first that didn’t black out our windows and put an XXX on the door, as other adult stores did. It’s always been important to us that The Pleasure Chest be a shame-free environment. We’re also really proud of our education program. We offer free workshops every week on topics ranging from oral sex techniques to strap-on play, taught by our staff and by respected sex educators from around the country.

 It seems the launch of New York’s second Pleasure Chest store has really Inspired change for the pleasure chest. How is it changing?

Our new store takes our education program to the next level by offering a private event and workshop space for free to the public. We believe that everyone should have access to free education. Also, all of our boutiques have an upscale and sexy feel but our new store is particularly chic. The upper east side is famously elegant, and the store embodies that elegance.

 What’s the funniest story you’ve heard so far?

All of them are so good, but one of my favorites is Alyssa and Lanae on golden showers. I love the feel of it: two friends talking about real sex and laughing about funny first times.

The most endearing?

I love Alicia and Ian’s video on French kissing. It really demonstrates how important it is to bring laughter into your relationship, especially around sex. Their love and comfort with each other are really palpable.

What have you learned about sex, since interviewing people for Sex is Back?

I learned how important a shared Google calendar is to organize a busy sex life. Almost every poly person gave this as a tip.

What do you hope people take away from the site?

Our hope is that people see themselves reflected in the videos and feel inspired to explore their sexuality in ways that are authentic to them.

We congratulate the Pleasure Chest on the opening of their new store on the Upper East Side, if your lucky enough to live in NYC or visiting,  go check it out here.

Now it’s your turn to tell us, what does sex is back mean to you?

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