About Us

What is Sex is Back?

Sex is Back is a sex-positive storytelling campaign gathering video testimonials from people of all genders, orientations and walks of life.

In spite of mainstream media’s messages that sex and sexiness are only for a privileged few, our sexuality is at the core of who we all are, and healthy sexuality can be expressed in a multitude of surprising and wonderful ways. With this project, we want to demonstrate the sheer diversity of human sexuality.

Where did sex go, exactly?

 Sex didn’t go anywhere, but after 42 years in business we are experiencing another renaissance. We are seeing an openness in our society with sexuality: from sexual identity to BDSM, there’s a lot more being discussed in public forums than there ever used to be. We think that’s great! However, a lot of what’s said about sex and sexuality is sensationalized, politicized, or generalized. With Sex is Back, we wanted to bring real people’s actual sex lives into the conversation.

Use it as a resource for teaching and learning, as a conversation-starter, or just as a naughty peek into the minds and bedrooms of others.

About The Pleasure Chest

The Pleasure Chest opened in New York’s West Village in 1971 and is now the oldest operating adult store in the country. With stores in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago, we offer every customer a specialized experience, a sex-positive environment, a diverse selection of toys and a regular series of free workshops to promote healthy, pleasurable and fulfilling sex for everyone.